Trim and Crown Molding

Trim and Crown Molding Remodeling

Moldings are a great finishing touch to the interior parts of most homes. The installation of crown molding, base molding and window trims always add character to any room. Base and crown molding not only serve as junction cover, but these linear finishes also play a big role in being a classic decorative element that never falls out of style.

Trims too are great finishing touches that define the look of your windows, doors, archways and hallways, wall frames,and other interior areas. Traditionally, these materials are made of wood or plaster, which we all know are both heavy and often require laborious installation.

But the good news is that these finishing strips are now made affordable in lightweight synthetic options. In fact, they are made even more beautiful and are available in a wide range of designs and widths. Just make sure you select the style of trim and crown molding profiles that will complement the design of your existing interior.

R Custom Homes can help you select and install the perfect combination of trim, base and crown moldings and create a style-coordinated and value-yielding finish.We are committed to ensuring your interior finishes yield significant return on investment, quality workmanship, and satisfaction.

Tips on Finishing With Trim and Crown Molding

If you’re planning to undertake a room remodeling or renovation project, the following tips may help you in implementing your finishing design with trim and crown moldings.

Crown Molding

Use crown molding to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. High ceilings are best ornamented with intricately designed larger moldings, while ceilings with lower height will look best with smaller sizes.

Synthetic Options

Polyurethane, composites and other synthetic materials are growing to be a smarter alternative to complex installations,primarily because they are simpler to install. Plus they require less maintenance. You can still create the look of wood with some paint. Intricate wood moldings usually require a more complex process for multiple components, which can add to the installation time and in turn increase your material cost.


Make a room stand out by adding textured moldings like dentil, Acanthus Leaf and Florentine profiles. Moldings are great decorative pieces that come into play with the height of any room.

Paint and Design

The paint and design of base and crown moldings should match with your door, window, wainscot and other finishing trims to create a consistent decorative theme.

Trim and Crown Molding

Trims and crown moldings have a great impact in finishing a room’s look. It’s always a better idea to discuss your finishing concept with a professional installer and professional home remodeler to get the look that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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