Stucco Remediation

Improperly installed stucco can lead to a number of cosmetic, health and structural issues within your home.

When water has permeated the stucco cladding and or entered through windows and doors where the lack of proper flashings exist- you and your family can be exposed to potential health hazards with the formation of Mold beneath the stucco. We offer complete remediation services, replacing faulty stucco and windows with high quality CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding materials guaranteed not to fail while creating the curb appeal you desire through various color and trim options not available with stucco. Create the home of your dreams with factory finished cement siding while saving time and money. The remediation time when installing cement siding is a third of that for stucco and is 35% less money.

Stucco Remediation FAQs

Water-resisting performance

Q. Current stucco application codes require unsightly vertical and horizontal expansion joint for every 12′X12′ area on your home. Does it make sense to install a porous material/stucco over a substrate/plywood with thousands of penetrations/staples into it and expect water not to eventually find its way in?

A. Stucco has the potential to perform like a sponge-it absorbs water when not sealed after installation.

Curb appeal

Q. Fiber cement siding provides greater color options, trim details and design flexibility, how is it different from stucco?

A. Fiber cement siding comes pre-painted in over 20 colors backed by leading building product manufacturers warranty, such as CertainTeed Corp. headquartered in Valley Forge, Pa. Having worked for CertainTeed Corp. as their first Fiber Cement siding Builder/Architect rep., my indoctrination into the installation techniques, material composition, manufacturing process and design applications provides expertise in this field and available to all potential clients.

Stucco repair/patching

Q. Do you provide repair/patching or installation of stucco materials?

A. We do not provide stucco repair/patching or installation of any stucco material. The existing stucco issues which exist today have not occurred for any one reason but a multitude of reasons related to the exterior envelope of your home from your roof to foundation walls are usually involved.

Siding remediation experience

Q. Any experience in siding remediation?

A. My work experience in the remediation field includes the removal of stucco which had been installed using the required stucco application materials and codes. The material had been on a home less than 1 year and the homeowner was still feeling sick from the effects of mold which had re-occurred beneath the stucco in this short time frame. Additional moisture testing was conducted which determined elevated levels of moisture. We were hired to remove stucco and the presence of mold was present throughout the surface of the plywood requiring all of it to be removed.

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