Roofing and Siding

Roofing and Siding RenovationThere are actually a lot of good reasons for spending money on solid roofing and siding for your home. Besides making a great impact on the look and feel, excellent roofing and beautiful siding are two significant details that increase your home’s market value. Furthermore, roofing and siding are both critical for your safety and protection.

If all of the above reasons mean so much to you, you need a home remodeler that will ensure your roofing and addition project yields significant return on investment, quality workmanship and satisfaction.

R Custom Homes offers a wide range of roofing & siding services that help enhance the beauty and value of your home:

  • Roofing & siding installation
  • Roofing & siding replacement
  • Roofing and siding renovation

The following tips can help you undertake a successful home roofing and siding renovation project:

1. Invest on high quality roofing materials that require low maintenance and long-lasting. In the past, most homeowners have to choose between the two.But today, with innovative roofing and siding materials, it’s possible to have both qualities. You don’t want to spend on this big project only to find out that you have to do it all over again after a few years. Opting for slate roofs which are specifically built to last longer is obviously much better than asphalt shingle roofs. This means that you can save money in the long run since all it needs is just a repair rather than replacement. There are roofing manufacturers that offer warranty on their products.

If you want to go green, you can have solar panel roofs installed on your home today. It’s a relatively new roofing idea that helps generate energy which can sustain a home’s electricity and power needs.

2. Siding is as important as roofing. You don’t just choose siding materials for color and beauty. Of course, other considerations must be quality, energy savings and ease of maintenance. You should also see to it that your siding materials resist cracking, peeling, fading waving and high winds.

Roofing and Siding RenovationRoofing and Siding Installation