Patios and Decks

Patio RemodelingPatios and Decks are great outdoor living spaces that provide an escape from the everyday stress that we sometimes feel,especially on a calm autumn night or a warm summer day.

Many homeowners find adding of deck or patio necessity nowadays. At times when you’re too tired or stressed out from your daily routines, a garden-inspired patio or a deck overlooking your yard can serve as an instant peaceful getaway within your property. These exterior dwellings adjoining homes can also provide hours of enjoyment for friends and families. There seems to be a growing need for such spaces at home because these amenities have a lot to offer.

Patio and Deck InstallationA deck, for instance, is usually the most viable option for adding an affordableliving space that is close to your home. It can be a greatplace for light conversations and to share unhurried moments with friends and family.

For outdoor entertainment or dining,a patio is often the perfect option. It should be set on a solid level surface where table and chair legs can settle evenly. Therefore, a surfacing material is always an important matter to consider when adding a patio.

In addition to the comfort of an expanded living space, a patio or a deck often yields good value to your home if it is built by a professional builder.

Whether you plan to build a new deck or a patio to give a new look to your existing outdoor living space, or want to increase the value of your property for resale purposes,R Custom Homes can make your plancome true.

Patio and Deck Pricing.

Here Are Some Factors to Consider When Planning a Patio or Deck Addition

Purpose of the Space

Deciding on how you want to use the space will significantly help you find out if your need is a patio or a deck.

Deck Renovation


Once you have decided on what you really need, it is important to discuss your budget with a professional home builder. Whether you need a patio or a deck, the design and type of materials to be used are largely dependent on your budget. So before the construction begins, you need to determine your budget.


If you’re the type of homeowner who doesn’t want to be bothered by maintenance concerns, concrete is often the best option. Nowadays, concrete is no longer a lifeless gray slab, it is now available in a range of designs, patterns and colors. The only maintenance required is an occasional pressure wash.

Consult a Specialist

If you’re unsure which type of outdoor living space to build, it’s better to discuss it with a certified home remodeler, such as R Custom Homes.

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