Kitchens and Bathrooms

Bathroom RemodelingKitchen and Bathroom Remodeling has always been one of the most popular ideas for many home renovation.  As your family grows and/or your personal needs change, you may find that your home’s features and fixtures become inefficient or do not serve your needs. Kitchens and bathrooms can become outdated and less functional with age. Remodeling is the easiest way to update these rooms to provide more functionality, a new look, more space, and increased efficiency.

Kitchen Remodeling

The type of kitchen remodeling ideas to consider should largely be based on how you want to use your kitchen and how you want it to look. Kitchen remodeling should not only improve the look and value of your home, it should enhance and promote a comfortable day at home. Today’s exciting kitchen advancements make it easy to transform your kitchen into a beautiful, functional, and efficient place to enjoy cooking food for your family.

Some Popular Kitchen Remodeling Options

Kitchen Cabinetry Upgrade

You may want to consider adding more wall or base cabinets to add storage space or create a place for appliances when not in use. Nowadays there are more options than ever for kitchen cabinets and storage. Don’t forget that resurfacing, refinishing and refacing are great and inexpensive ways to give a new look to your cabinet exteriors.

Kitchen RemodelingKitchen remodeling

Kitchen Countertop Makeover

Countertops are a great way to express your own concept of a kitchen. The options are endless. You may want a solid surfacing job done to some of your frequently used counter tops. Ceramic tile kitchen countertops for water, heat and stain-resistant surfaces as well as marble and granite countertops offer a combination of luxury, cool, and durable surface solutions.

Kitchen Floor Makeover

From rubber kitchen flooring to ceramic tile to natural stone tile to wood flooring, there’s always an option for your kitchen floor that fits your budget.

Kitchen Wall Treatments

You have so much to do to make your kitchen wall a great decorative element. Kitchen paint, kitchen panelling, and kitchen wall coverings are some of the many options that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Along with a gorgeous kitchen, you may want to consider remodeling one or more of your bathrooms. Your bathroom is the best place to refresh and feel clean. You definitely deserve to experience the latest in bathroom innovations.

Some Popular Bathroom Remodeling Options

Bathroom Cabinetry Makeover

You may want to add more cabinets to accommodate your bathroom essentials or complement your cabinet’s color with other features.

Bathroom Remodeling

Toilet, Shower, Bath and Sink Replacement

These are the most popular bathroom remodeling options.  Whether it’s a new bath or shower, a custom designed sink, or a new, environment-friendly toilet that you need, we have the experience to meet your custom bathroom plans.

Bathroom Lighting

Whether you want more lighting and visibility or something that is a little more relaxing and subtle, updating your bathroom lighting can make a world of difference for the look and feel of your bathroom.

With today’s exciting and cost efficient advancements, it’s easier than ever to turn your kitchen and bathroom into those special areas that you’ve always dreamed of within your designated budget. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling has never been so affordable.

R Custom Homes offers a wide range of kitchen and bathroom remodeling services that are tailored to your needs. Regardless of the size of your project, R Custom Homes ensures a workmanship that combines appeal, functionality and value to your home.

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