House Exterior

House Exterior RemodelingAre you trying to upgrade your home for resale purposes? Or do you simply want to upgrade your home to a new look? In both cases, the easiest thing to do is to embark on an exterior renovation.

There’s so much you can do to give a new look to your old home. If you’re deciding to make it a primary home, it’s a great idea to jazz up the exterior to exude charm, personal taste and appeal. Deciding on giving your home a new exterior look shouldn’t just be based on a lack of maintenance or deteriorating condition. Improving your home’s exterior is actually an excellent opportunity to raise its market value while enhancing the look of your facade to complement the homes of your neighborhoods.

Not sure about how and where to start a home improvement?

R Custom Homes is more than happy to offer technical advice and design assistance on that upcoming home exterior remodeling project based on your preferences and budget. From planning to completion, regardless of the size of the project, we are committed to ensuring that your exterior improvement yields 100% satisfaction.

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Looking For Exterior Renovation Options?

Exterior Paint Renovation

One of the easiest forms of renovations that can quickly change the look of your home is new exterior painting. Putting on a new color to the exterior of your home is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change the architectural look of your house. Color can add value to your home and make a big impact in creating a fresh, new, balanced look.

House Exterior Renovation

Siding Renovation

Siding is an important element that can make a big difference to the look as well as value of your property. There are a lot of innovative siding options to choose from and they come in wide range of colors and designs. Contact R Custom Homes to learn about how we can help you update your home siding.

Doors and Windows Upgrade or Replacement

The replacement of doors and windows can definitely make a significant difference to the overall exterior appearance of your home. This is especially true for your main entry doors. You can give your entrance a fresh and inviting look with stylish, new doors that are in proportion with other entrance area elements.


Reinforce the beauty of your home exterior with a complementing driveway color. Driveways are often ignored, but you can make a bold statement to the front of your property with an upgraded driveway.

Front Walkway

Create the impression of permanence and longevity to your home with a solid and presentable walkway. A well-designed walkway can add more definition to the overall view of your front yard and help to give your home that remodeled look your seeking.

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