Finished Basements

finished basements remodelingWhether you have an unfinished basement that needs finishing, want to remodel your basement to accommodate enhanced living conditions, or simply have a feeling that your basement is falling apart, R Custom Homes can help you transform your basement into the stylish finished basement space you’ve always dreamed of.

Oftentimes, we neglect our basements and this can result in significant issues that can quickly become very costly to repair. The following are some signs to keep a look out for to maintain the health of your basement.

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Signs That Your Basement Needs Repair or Renovation

Ceiling sags

There are elements that are beyond control. Water that could have flowed into the ceiling can cause it to sag. After the long service, your basement may need to have a new ceiling.

Growth of mold and mildew on the walls

It’s a good idea to check for signs of mold and mildew growth. They rapidly spread to other parts of the basement. Mold and mildew usually start on the bottom part of the walls going upwards. Moisture can trigger the growth of mold. So, if you see signs of this problem, deal with it right away before it spreads.

Hazardous wiring

The wires that are tucked in your basement’s wall panels could become hazardous over a prolonged period. They could also be damaged by damp walls or by insects and other small animals. If wires seem already damaged, then it possibly means that you need basement refinishing.

The possibility for flooding

The occurrence of flooding is a clear sign that there’s a problem with your property’s foundation. It will obviously affect your basement’s floors and walls. Don’t wait around before you do something about it. It’s better to find a basement finishing contractor as soon as possible.

Building code not updated

There are codes set for homes and they exist for your safety. If you happen to live in a house that has been around for many years, you may need to update, remodel or refinish your basement to meet the latest building standards.


finished basement renovationsSome of Our of Basement Remodeling & Basement Refinishing Services:

  • Framing/Drywall/Acoustical ceilings
  • Game rooms/ audio and visual media center
  • Home entertainment center
  • Full kitchens and bathrooms
  • Cabinets and wet bar/Custom molding
  • Custom storage shelving and closets
  • Wine Cellar
  • Man Caves
  • Finished Basements

R Custom Homes Offers a wide range of basement remodeling and basement refinishing services. Contact us for an estimate today.