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Home Remodeling Consultation

There are a myriad of reasons for why homeowners are having work done in their homes. For example: you may be planning on selling your home and only need an affordable fix or you may be planning to spend the following 10 years in your home and require efficient energy saving products that you will benefit from and enjoy. We all purchase home improvements for different reasons with different expectations and goals in mind, both short term and long term.

Many homeowners approach their home renovations as a DIY (Do It Yourself) instead of hiring a professional contractor. The primary goal here is to have direct control of the outcome of their project and “save money” which we all want to do.

Professional General contractors will typically strive to make 20%-35% on any given project depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Most contractors who work for General contractors charge 20% less to the general contractor compared to working directly for a homeowner.

You the consumer can hire a contractor or builder to over see and coordinate your given project. Because it is the responsibility of the contractor/builder to facilitate the finished project for the consumer, the consumer is no longer directly involved and thereby loses some control of their finished product. For example, the sub-contractor actually doing the work is ultimately responsible to the contractor/builder, not the consumer.

Further, the consumer is often not aware of (or is occasionally misled about) the kind or quality of the material that is being used or exactly where and on what his money is being spent. Finally, if a problem with the project comes up, the consumer lacks sufficient knowledge of the project to that point to complete the project on his/her own or to protect him/herself in a difference of opinion with a contractor/builder. This is where “DIY Consulting Services” can be of service to you.

Over and over, we see cases where people want to take on their project and are faced with this dilemma. They don’t want to hire a contractor/builder for the reasons just outlined, and they also don’t have the skill and experience necessary to be a contractor/builder. However, they are both willing and able to coordinate some of the project, knowing that this will not only save them money but will also give them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, not to mention increasing the value of their property.

Contractors typically charge more money for working directly with a homeowner because the homeowner often may be indecisive or not know what they need to provide in performing certain tasks, which equates to spending much more time and effort for the contractor . The other reason for the disparity in rate charge is that sub contractors have a relationship with the general contractor as he is providing work for the sub contractor on a regular basis.

As a General Contractor and Home Builder myself, I receive multiple inquiries a week from friends, neighbors, and or general acquaintances asking for advice on a project they plan to do themselves. They also may have received multiple quotes from contractors bidding on their given project and can not determine the differences between them. Often calls may just be for a recommendation for a sub contractor to do a small electrical, plumbing, drywall, roof repair, door installation etc.

The determining factor here is that the average homeowner, naturally does not understand what the terminology represent when reading quotes from multiple contractors and then may choose a contractor because their proposal was the least expensive.

Here in lies the problem between contractor and homeowner who assumes all the proposals were the same in detail and scope.

The terminology amongst contractors varies greatly, it is a unique industry in that this occurs. Much different from other professional industries we are all familiar with. Getting a proposal for Life Insurance, mortgage refinance, auto insurance for example are easily comparable as the terminology is consistent and often regulated.

The above facts and scenarios are the basis for why I started “DIY Consulting Services”.

We provide the following services based on the above personal observation.

1. We Provide Sub Contractors

We provide directly to the homeowner the sub contractors used by R. Custom Homes, Inc. if you need a given contractor.

2. Free Phone Consultation

We will discuss your project or concerns over the phone at no charge for the first 15 minutes.

After the initial 15 minute phone dialogue you can decide if it makes sense for us to meet at your residence and further review your project, scope of work and the multiple proposals you have received. We will meet with you in your home to discuss the project and get you pointed in the right direction. Topics that will be covered include feasibility, scheduling, basic design, methods and materials. We will also answer or suggest resources for any questions you may have.

The basic consultation meeting will take 2 hours (maximum). For just $150.00, our consulting services are simply the best investment you can make for your project. If you decide to have DIY Consulting Services provide further guidance, we offer a full range of services.

3. Full Project Guidance

For more involved projects such as full kitchen remodel, finished basements, home additions which you as the homeowner plan to hire and coordinate yourself/DIY, we are available to work with you through the duration of the project.

4. We Provide Scheduling

We will provide you with a schedule for all your sub contractors and educate you on potential issues that could an do arise during even the most well planned projects.

5. We Complete Permit Applications

We will complete all necessary permit applications and follow through until the permit is issued and work may commence.

6. We Guide You on Inspections

We will explain in advance when the required township inspections are to be scheduled and what work needs to be completed prior to inspection.

7. Building Material Recommendations

We will make professional recommendations on material selections that best suit what you are looking for and have in your budget.

8. Building Product Expertise

We will explain the similarities and differences between building products being specified by your contractors and offer substitute products that may work better for your project as it is determined by your ultimate goal upon completion.

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