Quick Delivery Homes

Is a Quick Delivery Home Right for You?

Quick delivery homes are homes that you can immediately move into within one to three months. They usually come in two options. The first option is a fully finished home and available to you upon closing. The second option is a home that is being built and near the stage of completion. These homes are usually ready for delivery within a few weeks. This option allows you to customize features and finishes such as flooring, railings and paint colors prior to completion of the home.

Quick delivery homes are more in demand nowadays. Builders have observed that the market for this type of home is increasingly growing. There is a larger demand for homes in good locations with good value where they can move into quickly.

Some Reasons a Quick Delivery Home is Right For You

Avoid Temporary Housing

A quick delivery home reduces the time it takes to build a custom home. This allows you to avoid temporary housing.

Time and Customization

Quick ownership of a home with custom features and finishes.

Can Coincide With a Special Event

Can be an immediate solution for you to be in a beautiful home for the holidays or a special event such as a marriage.

Quality With Value

Quick Delivery Homes are usually designed as models. Whether you buy it as a primary home, second home or vacation home, you’ll be sure of a good deal since it is usually made from superior finishes and carefully designed interiors.


It is often relatively priced below the cost of new home construction. This type of home is usually of the highest quality with a relatively affordable price, allowing you to own a great property built to your specifications.

Quick Delivery Homes have never been so affordable these days. R Custom Homes offers a range of quick delivery home options can be tailored to your needs.

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