Custom Homes

Homes That are Tailored to Your Needs

Custom HomesA custom home is a home that is custom designed and built to your specific design and functional needs. Since this is a type of home built specifically for you at your desired location, it is in essence the fulfilment of your dream home.

Custom homes are generally built for the high-end market, but span a wide range of budgets. They are the best option if you want home construction where you can have total control of all of your home’s functionality and quality. From the home architecture, floor layout, room sizes,flooring, roofing and siding finish, doors and windows to the amenities, your luxury of option is endless.

Unlike, production homes that are usually built with stock plans, custom homes are built with the use of plans created by professional home designers and architects. Because these homes are unique, they may require you to make decisions on the building materials that make your custom home unique.

Here are other advantages of custom homes:

  1. The quality and functionality of a custom home satisfies your own standards.
  2. A custom home gives you the luxury of living in a one-of-a-kind home.
  3. The opportunity of customizing home features and amenities is endless.
  4. Custom homes are built at your desired location.

Living in a home where you love every piece therein is absolutely priceless. R Custom Homes offers a wide range of custom home options that are tailored to your needs, allowing you to build your dream home.

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